Weekly Reflections

One of the nice things about teaching in a 1:1 environment is that we can ask our students to submit homework, surveys, quizzes, etc. online. We are using this to our advantage by asking our students (both in our PreCalc classes and Margaret’s Geometry class) to submit weekly reflections by Saturday at midnight.  We created a Google Form where each student enters his first name, last name, email address, date of the Friday of that week, and a reflection based on the following:

What did you struggle with this week? What did you find easy this week? What do you need more help with? What are you confused about? Are there any other situations going on in your life that I should know about? The content of your response will not be shared with other students.

The purpose of this ongoing assignment is two-fold.  First, it gives our students an opportunity to reflect on their progress made during the week and evaluate the way they need to approach the week ahead (should they seek extra help, ask more questions in class, etc.).  Second, it gives us the opportunity to hear how each student in our classes is doing at least once a week, and it informs our choices about how we begin our classes on Monday.

So far, Margaret has been able to email students who indicate that they are struggling with a concept and set up a time to provide extra help (before or after school).

Lia’s PreCalc students are mostly working on review so far, so their reflections have been mainly positive.  However, a few students have taken advantage of the opportunity to ask specific questions that Lia has been able to address with the students one-on-one, usually by reply e-mail.