Their Work: More Interesting than Mine

Since Margaret was singing the praises of the killer combination of Apple TV and homework done on iPads earlier today, I thought I’d chime in.

I always struggle with how to review homework in pre-calc.  It’s easy for another student to share their answer with the class, but its usually more complicated than “x = 5,” and I really don’t think its that helpful for the rest of the class to hear the answer unless they can see it. When a student wants to talk about a problem they got wrong, what I have been doing is either projecting my solution or having a student project their correct solution to give us a visual for discussion, which was okay.

What I’m finding I like better is getting a student (or a couple of students) to project their entire assignment while we discuss the answers.  That way, we always have something to look at while we’re talking, because its hard to talk about math problems without seeing them, and, even if the student go something wrong, they can fix it in real time with my/the class’s input.  I think it’s really valuable for the rest of the class to see both the mistakes and the fixes.   I’m going to try this set up for going over homework more often.